Saturday, May 23, 2009

Uluru Sunrise

Just before sunset Uluru looks brown and isn't the most miraculous thing you've seen, but as the sunset it all changes. Uluru becomes this amazing red color. Most memorable sunrise of my life!!

After Cairns we made our way out to Alice Springs, which is way out in the outback of Australia. We stayed in a place called Toddy's for two nights before we left on our camping trip. When we first landed the whole group walked into downtown Alice Springs to look into some of the shops. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, which was opals. I talked to a guy who told us to walk behind our hostel and walk across the dry river to the casino and there we would find the best opal shop in town. We decided to venture off and we crossed the dry river (a river that flows underneath the surface) and managed to find the correct hotel. I found exactly what I was looking for there, not to mention quite a memorable adventure. We ate at Toddy's, which was actually really good food. I got chips (french fries to we Americans). Charlie became sick, so we had to spend the day touring around Alice Springs without him. We went to the Desert park, the Royal Flying Doctors Museum and School of the Air. The Desert Park was a lot of fun because we got to watch a bird show. The Royal Flyind Doctors Museum especially interested me because I am a nursing major and the Reptile place we went to after lunch was really interesting. We had another chance to hold some reptile wildlife there. The School of the Air is a mass public school catering to those children living in the outback. They are taught through webcam, e-mail, mail-in work and home schooling. It is a very fascinating way to teach children with the handicap of living miles apart. Here is a picture of me on Anzac Hill over looking Alice Springs and a picture of me in front of the Alice Springs Sign!!

In my last blog I talked about feeding a kangarro, but I couldn't get the picture to upload. So, now that I am back at school here is the picture!!!

Sunrise at Uluru

At first glance, Uluru doesn't look that red, more of an orange-red. But the second the sun comes up over the dunes, you can see a bright crimson red radiating from the rock. It was absolutly beautiful, and worth getting up at 5 am for.

Stephanie Hauck

New food from the bush

Some new food that we tried on our trip. One is damper bread, which had rasins and syrup on top. The other was a variety of exotic fruits, such as papaya, amazon custard apple, bananas and pineapple.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

last day

I cannot belive the course is pretty much over and that we will be back in the United States on friday night. Time has flown by really fast and it seemed like yesterday that we had just landed. Everyone has had a fantastic time down here and lots of memories have been made. This trip has been really special for me since its my last class before graduation. It was a fun way to end my college career.

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fall in sydney

When we first arrived in sydney it was at the begining of their fall and still really warm. Now that we have come back a few weeks later, its easy to notice the differences in temperature and daylight. Each of these has fallen considerably over the last couple of weeks but it is still very nice out compared to our winter time in the states which Australia is entering now. The leafs change colors as well here and it is really pretty in Hyde park. It reminds me a lot of the New England during our fall season.

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